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Coronavirus Pandemic Sparks Boom in Cosmetic Procedures

Experts predict the increase in cosmetic surgeries and procedures to continue

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The shift to a virtual lifestyle has people seeing their reflection in a whole new way.

Plastic surgeons say demand for Botox and fillers is up as more people notice their perceived imperfections while on Zoom and other virtual call platforms.

Demand for major cosmetic surgeries is also up as more people take the opportunity to recover from an operation while being able to work from home.

It's a trend that may continue as the pandemic wears on, according to experts.

39-year-old Angela Faughtenberry saw the pandemic as the perfect opportunity.

Faughtenberry is a mother of seven children and a farmer, who offers specialty meats and eggs through her Oklahoma-based business and booth at the Dallas Farmer's Market.

Once the pandemic hit, Faughtenberry says business slowed down considerably and she spent more time at home fulfilling online orders.

She was also forced to the cancel family vacations because of the pandemic, leaving her with extra money in the budget.

"This timing just fell in line perfectly with reallocating that to rebuilding this mother figure of mine," said Faughtenberry, who had naturally given birth to five of her children.

She decided to move forward with a breast augmentation and vaginal reconstruction, performed by Dr. Robert Najera and Dr. Aimee Nguyen of Frisco.

Najera and Nguyen operate surgical practices and Atomic Beauty, where they say they've seen a 30% increase in business since they were allowed to reopen.

"They're inquiring more about liposuction. I've seen a lot of people wanting a little more liposuction, just to take off that little bit extra on their tummy and sides. They want to do something about that "COVID-15" increase in weight since they’ve been at home and not exercising as much," said Dr. Najera.

They say more people are inquiring about Botox and fillers as current mask mandates make healing more discreet..

They also said there is an uptick in consultations with women who looking for reconstructive surgeries that aid intimacy.

"We have more time now to spend time in the bedroom and kind of improve those things and while that would have been a topic that we probably would not have discussed as much, now we are quarantined and staying at home, it’s more of a priority," said Dr. Nguyen.

Almost all consultations have become virtual, limiting the risk of COVID-19 spread.

Right now, injectables are the most asked about treatment, followed by breast augmentations, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Experts predict the increase in cosmetic surgeries and procedures to continue.

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