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Texas Bugged By Bugs

Only Florida, Louisiana top Texas on ‘buggiest’ list



    Texas Bugged By Bugs

    Bugs freak me out.

    Here we are, big enough to exert gravitational pull on the little buggers and wield ultimate power in the form of instant death, yet they fly right up in our ears or bite us in unspeakable places if we're wearing shorts, and let's just leave it at that.

    We deal with mosquitoes, fire ants, those weird little somethings that fly with their bodies in a vertical position -- and what are those things? -- and all manner of arthropod beasties in North Texas. We have it lucky though. Mosquitoes in Houston have been known to fly off with infants and small dogs. Did I mention I hate Houston?

    But we don't have it as bad as at least two other states, according to a survey conducted by Infogroup-ORC and sponsored by BASF Pest Control Solutions.

    Florida tops the list, which is no real surprise what with their Everglades and Disney -- gotta be a lot of infestations in those sweaty Mickey Mouse costumes -- and old people. Louisiana comes in second because, well, it's Louisiana, and I love the Bayou State.

    “The survey findings mirror what we see in real life,” said Dr. Bob Davis, chief entomologist at BASF.

    And gee, really? Who would have thought that?

    And here's the residual trivia from the survey: New Yorkers complained the most about bedbugs, and hmm, just an observation: The survey fails to include the biggest bug problem in Washington, D.C., but here's betting it's louse.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. Really, those vertical-flying bugs just weird him out.