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YouTube Sensation to Have Surgery on Second Ear

Local to have surgery that will allow her to hear with second ear



    A North Texas mother will undergo a second life-changing surgery on Friday.

    Sarah Churman was born without hairs in her inner-ear that transmit sound waves. Since the age of two, all she could hear was muffled noise.

    In July, Churman underwent surgery and had a hearing device implanted. Several months later, she could hear out of her left ear.

    Churman's husband recorded the first moment she could hear her voice; it became a YouTube sensation.

    Deaf Woman Prepares for Second Ear Surgery

    [DFW] Deaf Woman Prepares for Second Ear Surgery
    Sarah Churman prepares to have surgery to receive hearing in her second ear.
    (Published Monday, Jan. 9, 2012)

    On Friday, she'll undergo that same surgery on her right ear.

    "It's a learning process, getting acclimated to hearing stuff," said Churman.

    She said hearing live music has been one of her favorite experiences with her new found hearing. She also loves hearing her children interact.

    Up until now, she's had the implant on one side, and a hearing aid in the other. That arrangement made it difficult for her to take in both sets of sounds. With this surgery, she'll be able to hear the same sounds out of both ears.

    The surgery in July took about nine hours. The recovery process took another six months before the device was activated and working.