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Convention Center Turns Into Giant Clinic

Dallas Convention Center served as a clinic for the one-day event



    Thousands of uninsured north Texans flooded the Dallas convention center for free health care. Nearly one in every four people in Texas does not have health insurance. (Published Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012)

    The Teniente family doesn't have health insurance and are among the thousands of people here at the C.A.R.E. Clinic.

    Last time Lizette Teniente went to the eye doctor was four years ago. "Well we don't have the money to go to the doctor and get my vision checked," Teniente said.
    Her case is common in our area. Right here in the Metroplex there are just under a million people who are uninsured:
    Dallas: 389,014
    Fort Worth: 177,427
    Arlington: 88,043
    Garland: 66,346
    Irving: 62,433
    Grand Prairie: 46,831
    Plano: 43,368
    Mesquite: 32,644
    "The people we're seeing today are hard-working Americans,” Dr. Bobby Kapur, a professor with the Baylor College of Medicine said. “These are people who have two part-time jobs or they have hourly wages or simply they don't have jobs that allow them to get health insurance."
    This is why the National Association of Free and Charitable clinics held Saturday’s event at the Dallas convention center.
    "It really does help for people who are working it's hard for them to get insurance and everything," Collette Polk, a patient said. 
    The event offered everything free, from routine check-ups, blood tests, EKG exams to eye glasses. 
    "It gives these people the opportunity to see a doctor get the test that they need, get the care that they need," Nicole Lamoureux, the clinic director said.
    Saturday’s clinic session did not stop with the routine check-up. If a patient needed a prescription, they were able to get a three-month supply as well as a referral and a follow-up.