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Denton Group Works to Save Trees

City group re-writes tree code



    The city of Denton is working hard to stay green as the area expands. A city task force is working on new regulations that may make it harder for developers to cut down trees.

    "When we met, and they [developers] said, 'We are going to save these five pecans,' I went to my office and said 'I did my job today,'" City of Denton Urban Forester Angie Kralik said.

    Kralik said her job is becoming more difficult as the city grows. Development in Denton is not likely to slow down.

    "They actually weren't going to preserve very many trees on this site, only about nine, I think," Kralik said.

    Denton Group Protects Trees in Construction Sites

    [DFW] Denton Group Protects Trees in Construction Sites
    As Denton continues to develop, some arborists are working to keep the trees currently planted in construction sites from being uprooted.
    (Published Friday, Dec. 9, 2011)

    Kralik is now part of a group that's re-writing Denton's tree policy.

    "We can get ahead of the curve, put in some good tree preservation ordinances early on," Kralik said.

    While the city makes big efforts to hang on to trees, others don't think it will make much of an impact.

    "With the apartments around, and everything so developed, it doesn't make much difference," college student Erin Wilson said.

    Wilson said she recognizes the changing landscape and supports the city's effort, but she believes a few trees won't cut it.

    "In the end, it is probably all going to go. I'm sure this house won't be here much longer. It will sell out, and probably be just another apartment complex," Wilson said.

    Kralik said these changes make it even more important to preserve what they can.

    "Trees offer a lot of benefits that are important to the citizens," Kralik said.