Used Gloves, Masks, Wipes Dumped in Parking Lots

Health officials warn that it is not only a bad habit. It’s a true public health hazard

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Many people have started to notice a disturbing and disgusting trend in grocery store and pharmacy parking lots – discarded used gloves, masks and sanitizing wipes left on the ground.

“I noticed just a lot of people throwing their gloves on the ground and leaving it in the cart for somebody else to handle when they are 20 feet from a trash can,” shopper Tyler Preston said.

“They’d rather throw it in a buggy or throw it on the ground. It’s just disrespectful. It is disrespectful to other people and it is disrespectful to the environment,” shopper Chelsea Preston said. “It’s not hard to clean up after yourself.”

It is not uncommon to see dozens of gloves left in shopping carts and in parking lots.

Health officials warn that it is not only a bad habit, but it’s a true public health hazard for grocery store employees who have to clean them up, leaving them open to possible COVID-19 exposure.

Beyond public health, the wipes, gloves and masks can clog drainage systems, causing flooding issues.

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