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Texas Offices Can Reopen, But Many Still Working From Home

Texas allowed office spaces to open up for a portion of the workforce starting last week

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The Texas economy is opening back up, but it is largely happening with professional workers still working from home.

Some of the largest employers in North Texas have said that a significant portion of their workforce is still working offsite. And at least one of them intends to keep that as the status quo moving forward.

American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, is based in Fort Worth and employs at least 20,000 people locally.

A spokesperson for American Airlines confirmed that the company is taking precautions to minimize risk with its workforce.

“Our approach is based on the latest guidance from health experts and government authorities, who we continue to partner and work closely with,” the spokesperson noted.

AT&T, the largest communications company in the world and based in Dallas, is the largest employer in downtown Dallas and has more than 15,000 employees working in the area.

“While many of our employees are currently working from home, our buildings in downtown Dallas remain open and employees continue to work there,” said Jim Kimberly, an AT&T spokesperson.

Kimberly stressed that AT&T is proceeding with caution to avoid “contributing to a possible resurgence of the virus.”

“We have made accommodations so that most employees whose jobs can be done from home are currently working from home,” Kimberly said.

Bank of America, which employs approximately 13,500 people in North Texas, confirmed that many of its employees are currently working from home, but that the company is working on building plans to return to the office over time.

“Employees will return to the office in phases, starting with functions that will be significantly enhanced from being in the office,” said Carla Molina, a Bank of America spokesperson. “Employees will be notified about a scheduled return to office at least 30 days ahead of time.”

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