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Tarrant County Rolls Out ‘Vaxmobile' To Reach Vulnerable Residents

The vaccine clinic on wheels will target underserved communities

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Tarrant County rolled out its new tool in fighting COVID-19.

The 'Vaxmobile' made its first stop in Fort Worth’s Meadowbrook neighborhood on Monday.

Part of a partnership between the county and Trinity Metro, the 60-foot bus is a vaccine clinic on wheels.

It will make weekly stops targeting underserved communities where vaccination rates are the lowest and where the virus has hit the hardest.

“We’re trying this out,” said Tarrant County Public Health Director Vinny Tenaja. “The community is going to guide us where locations work better.”

Tenaja said the bus will first visit vulnerable neighborhoods where many residents lack access to transportation and quality healthcare, adding his team will be talking to those in the community about locations that may be most convenient for people.

No appointment is necessary and Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines will be available for free. No insurance is needed.

College student Paola Yanez spotted the bus on her way to the gym Monday morning and ran home to grab her grandparents.

All three received their booster shots within 15 minutes.

“We live down the street from here,” said Yanez. “I just saw the bus and thought it was a great opportunity because it was accessible and fast.”

Tarrant County reported another 10,000 COVID-19 cases on Monday, but Tenaja said he is seeing some glimmer of hope the Omicron surge has peaked.

Tenaja said cases appear to be plateauing and testing across the county is declining significantly.

“We’re hopefully going to be past this surge in the next week or two,” Tenaja said.

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