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Tarrant County Reports 2,950 Cases of COVID-19 on Sunday

Tarrant County has reported a total of 176,790 confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19, 1,711 deaths and an estimated 125,846 recoveries

Tarrant County Public Health
NBC 5 News

Tarrant County Public Health on Sunday reported 2,950 additional cases of COVID-19 and no new deaths.

Data from the county health department indicates that of the additional cases reported Sunday, 2,482 cases are confirmed while the other 468 are probable.

The county did not report any additional deaths Sunday. There have been a total of 1,711 deaths related to the coronavirus in Tarrant County. 

The county began reporting both probable and confirmed cases in August at the request of the state health department. Probable cases, the county said, account for a variety of real-world situations and could highlight cases in the community that may otherwise go unreported. To date, the county has reported 153,472 confirmed cases of the virus and 23,318 probable cases for a total of 176,790 cases.

The county is also reporting another 1,684 estimated recoveries, bringing the total number of survivors to 125,846. 

The health department reports 251 COVID-19 patients are currently occupying hospital beds in the county -- about 7% of capacity. A month ago, on Aug. 24 COVID-19 patients occupied about 9% of Tarrant County hospital beds.

The Tarrant County Public Health Department reported that adult ICUs in the county were at 94% capacity — an increase of 1% from the day before — and that COVID-19 patients occupied 31% of beds .

The health department reports 1,524 COVID-19 patients are currently occupying hospital beds in the county.

Of the county's cases, 72% of those who have died were over the age of 65. Those aged 25 to 44 make up the largest percentage of people with COVID-19 at 35%.

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