State Representative Says More Coronavirus Testing is Needed Before Texas Opens Businesses

State Representative Chris Turner said opening could do more harm than good

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With most everything closed because of the coronavirus, some people are ready to see things get back to normal and businesses open. 

"I feel it's about time we need to get the economy going again,” Daniel Nahoolewa said who was out exercising. “People are needing to get back to work."

Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants to start opening some businesses, but there are some concerns.

"Before we can do that we've got to have widespread testing available,” Texas House Democratic caucus chairman Representative Chris Turner said. “We've got to improve our testing capacity because we just don't know how widespread this COVID-19 virus is in Texas."

Turner said without adequate testing we could do more harm opening things up.

"The very worst thing that could happen is if things were reopened and we had a lot of cases out there we weren't aware of and then all of a sudden you have the virus spreading like wildfire again," Turner said.

Governor Abbot said testing capacity is sufficient now. However, he said a team of doctors will work on a community-wide testing strategy in May.

"We want to test everyone so we can test those who are negative, those who may be what is called asymptomatic,” Abbott said. “They are showing no symptoms whatsoever and turns out they have it as well as those who show the symptoms, so we have a better fit of what's going on, on the ground."

People are just hoping the leaders can get it worked out.

“We have the virus to deal with,” Nahoolewa said. “You just have to take the precautions like we've been doing.  Wearing masks and staying six feet away from everyone. Hopefully, that will get the economy going again."

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