Parkland Hospital Honors ‘Unsung Heroes' of COVID-19 Battle

Not all heroes in the COVID-19 fight wear scrubs

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Parkland Hospital in Dallas is highlighting people who've worked behind the scenes this past year in the battle against COVID-19.

The hospital says the engineering and maintenance staff, food service, and medical translators are among the unsung heroes.

"I really don't think of myself as a hero because this is my job," Parkland Hospital medical translator Alejandra Hernandez said. "We're really anonymous because we tell both the providers and the patients to talk to each other directly like I'm not there."

In the past year, when social distance prevented family and friends from visiting patients, behind-the-scenes workers have offered comfort to patients.

"Most of the time we had to deliver not-so-good news, especially during the height of the pandemic," Hernandez said. "Just listening to the families talk about their loved one, their desperation and their sadness I think was probably the most difficult part."

"It would be emotional," Parkland Hospital Manager of Environmental Services Feodor Plair, Jr. said. "People weren't able to see their family members, weren't able to see their loved one as they were going through the situation...sometimes things would change in a heartbeat."

"I'm still trying to find joy in the little things," Hernandez said. "I know that the patients need me, the providers need me, so I want to do a good job for them."

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