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Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation Records 600% Increase in COVID-19 Risk for Dallas County

The Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation announced a 600% increase in its COVID-19 Vulnerability Index for Dallas County from June to the end of July.

The increase was "primarily driven by the fast-spreading COVID-19 Delta variant," the PCCI said Monday, as well as low vaccination levels and new COVID-19 case counts.

Previously, from April to the end of May, the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation announced a 40% drop in its Vulnerability Index, its "most positive yet."

"Our latest Vulnerability Index report shows that COVID-19 risk is increasing, with new cases rising sharply among the unvaccinated," said Thomas Roderick, PhD, Executive in Residence at PCCI. "It is important to get the vaccine if you are medically able to do so, both for yourself, your young children and for your neighbor who may not be able to receive a vaccination."

The PCCI's Vulnerability Index identifies communities at risk by examining comorbidity rates including chronic illnesses such as hypertension, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The ZIP Codes with the highest Vulnerability Indexes in Dallas County include the first and second most vulnerable areas: the 75528 East Dallas ZIP Code and the 75243 ZIP Code.

In another one of the top 10 most vulnerable ZIP codes, the 75211 ZIP Code also registered an increase to a vulnerability index of 14.75, though the number is far below the its high of 157.96 registered in January 2021, the PCCI said.

The index also examined areas with a high density of populations over the age of 65 and increased social deprivation such as lack of access to food, medicine, employment, and transportation.

The PCCI COVID-19 Vulnerability Index can be found on its COVID-19 Hub for Dallas County at https://covid-analytics-pccinnovation.hub.arcgis.com/.

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