Nurse Reunites With Family After Treating Coronavirus Patients For Over a Month

Michelle Sellers of Decatur kept herself away from her husband and two young daughters while she worked in the ICU for almost five weeks; she recently reunited with them

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COVID-19 has been called a very isolating disease.

Hospitalized patients can't see their families and the same goes for the doctors and nurses who have chosen to stay apart from their own families to keep their loved ones safe.

A North Texas nurse spent a month away from her home and recently got the chance to reunite with her family.

For almost five weeks, Michelle Sellers kept away from her family in Decatur while she worked the COVID-19 floor at a Carrollton hospital.

She stayed at a co-workers apartment between shifts, using FaceTime when she could with her husband Rob Sellers and their daughters, Aly and Katy.

"There were nights that I would cry myself to sleep because I didn't know when I'd get to come home and I didn't know how this would all play out," said Michelle Sellers.

The uncertainty was just one of the lows that go along with in an ICU full of COVID-19 patients, but there were highs too, like the patient recoveries and bonding with co-workers she had hardly known before the pandemic.

While at home, Rob Sellers stepped up as "Mr. Mom" and homeschool teacher.

"It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have homeschooling," joked Rob Sellers.

When she could, Michelle says she left surprises at home, like notes of love on the window and treats on the doorsteps.

She says she'd do all it again, but is happy to be home.

"I feel very blessed that I had the chance to help but that I could come back home too."

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