Lost PINs Cause Problems For Unemployed

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As the Texas Workforce Commission continues to work to upgrade both their website and ability to field thousands of calls daily from the newly unemployed, the previously unemployed say a kink in the system made filing impossible for weeks.

“I filed for unemployment back in 2014 before I transitioned (gender) and I don’t remember my PIN back then. That was a long time ago,” Amber Nicole Puga said.

Puga is one of many who said since they had previously filed for unemployment, they had a PIN with the TWC, but forgot it. Until recently, resetting it required an in-person or over the phone conversation. But due to the call load, that's just about impossible right now.

“I don’t know how I am going to pay my rent next month, or my bills,” Puga said.

She has yet to receive her first check despite trying to file since March 14. In recent days, she was able to successfully file after the TWC updated their policy allowing people with PINs created before 2015 to login and create a new one.

But for others, who fall outside of that range it remains a challenge. Below are detailed instructions from the TWC on resetting or creating a PIN.

Instruction for setting up and resetting PINs

Now that you’ve applied for unemployment benefits, you should:
Set up a Personal Identification Number (PIN) if you have not already done so.

"Call our automated phone system, Tele-Serv, at 800-558-8321. Select Option 4. Enter your Social Security number (SSN), confirm your SSN, then enter your chosen four-digit PIN, and confirm your PIN. Wait for the message “Your new PIN has been accepted.”

Resetting Your PIN
If you revoke your PIN and you are eligible for self-serv reset, on the same call you may be able to reset your PIN on Tele-Serv by providing personal information from your claim, such as:

  • Date of birth
  • Texas driver license or ID number
  • Telephone number
  • Amount of your last benefit payment
  • Part of your bank/credit union account number

If you hang up from Tele-Serv, you will be unable to reset your PIN. Tele-Center staff are pulling reports of customers who have revoked their PIN and reaching out to them to verify their identify and reset their PIN.

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