Local Business Tries to Help Furloughed Employees

Legacy Hall in Plano says workers are like family

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At Legacy Hall in Plano, music still plays outside but there are no customers inside. A few restaurants are still going but the food service is limited to pick-up curbside box kit meals. 

That means more than 100 employees are furloughed until the coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

“It’s really tough,” Legacy Hall worker Nick Garcia said. “We are a family of five.”

For many who aren’t working, trying to get unemployment hasn’t been easy.

“I haven’t been able to actually even log in,” unemployed social media marketer Leroy Moore said. “Every time I go in the system is just overloaded so you can’t even get in to begin that second part of the process so that’s been hard.”

Legacy Hall is trying to help it’s furloughed workers by creating a GoFundMe page.  Their goal is to raise enough money to share with all employees who aren’t working to help them through this tough time.

“We work paycheck to paycheck so basically that would help we can get a little bit of money back when we are not working now,” Garcia said.

“If we can raise a little bit of money now to help them as a stop-gap during this time while their furloughed it’s the least we can do to bring our family back,” Legacy Hall Marketing Manager Cari Hallman said.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said next week he wants to consider ways to get Texans back to work.

“We will be focusing on protecting lives while restoring livelihoods,” Abbott said. “We can and we must do this.  We can do both.  Expand and restore the livelihood that Texans want to have by helping them return to work.”

Some people like the idea of getting back to work.

“I heard that today and it was great,” Garcia said. “My wife, we both want to get back to work.”

But others safety should be the first priority.

“In the long run is it worth the risk to take 10 or 14 more days to get it right,” Moore questioned. “I’d rather be in the scenario of a little longer to get it right.”

For more information on the Legacy Hall Furloughed Employee GoFundMe click here.

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