Irving Restaurant Owner Explains All He's Doing to Keep Business Going During COVID

Cafemandu's goals is to survive 2020

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Inside Cafemandu Flavors of Nepal in Irving it’s business, but not quite as usual.

"It's good to see that the business is going well again kind of but at the same time it's not the same," Cafemandu Flavors of Nepal's CEO Dipesh Acharya said.

He has had to make a lot of changes to keep up with changing COVID-19 regulations.

As soon as the first shutdowns happened Acharya started making adjustments to Cafemandu.

"We just couldn't just sit back right we had to do something to make it work,” Acharya said. “So, we worked day and night."

That included revamping the website and menu, accommodating more to go options, and even selling survival meal kits to go to be cooked at home that included a roll of toilet paper.

"Every day has been very challenging,” Acharya said. “People are coming in, but people are still scared, and I mean it makes sense for them to be scared."

With people able to dine in now, things are changed inside to ease concerns and keep both customers and staff safe.

"We've added a screen right in front of our registers,” Acharya said. “As the customers come in and our staff they are all safe. There is no exposure and such."

There are also sanitizing station around.  Acharya said staff stays over each night especially to sanitize the restaurant.

The owner says he's made all these changes and is willing to make more because the goal of his team is to survive 2020.

"Honestly you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow,” Acharya said. “So we just got to do what we got to do today and hope for the better future you know. Hope for a better tomorrow."

A tomorrow that many restaurants don't know what COVID-19 challenges it may bring.

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