Frisco ISD Survey Asks Parents Preferences for Upcoming School Year

District is now reviewing answers from parents about traditional versus online learning for 2020-2021

NBC 5 News

The Frisco Independent School District is currently reviewing the results of a survey it put out to parents last week to determine their preferences for what the upcoming 2020-2021 school year will look like.

The district is considering a variety of possibilities, ranging from a return to some “socially distant” version of what the school setting has traditionally looked like to an entirely online experience like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic forced schools across the country to pivot to this spring.

Among the questions on the survey:

Which option do you most prefer for starting school again this fall?

  • As normal with additional safety and health measures in place.
  • A blend of distance learning and face-to-face on-campus learning on alternate days.
  • A totally online instructional environment.

“There is no set timeline or time frame to finalize what school will look like in the fall, because there is still a lot of time between now and then and a lot can change,” said Meghan Cone, an assistant communications director for the Frisco ISD. “It’s possible there may be additional surveys seeking further input from parents over the summer.”

In addition, Cone stressed that guidance issued from the state level will be the final say in determining what school looks like in the fall.

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