Mental Health Counseling Available For Texas Medical Workers On COVID-19 Frontlines

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A newly formed non-profit offers mental health services, including crisis counseling, for members of the medical community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mental Health for Heroes is an organization created in April of 2020 to meet the mental health needs of the Texas healthcare heroes on the front lines of the COVID-19 fight.

According to its founders, Mental Health for Heroes will provide crisis interventions for individuals who are feeling overwhelmed by their role in response to COVID-19.

These calls will focus on trauma intervention, bringing chaos to calm and developing a plan for moving forward.

Mental Health for Heroes, by and through its partners at the Readiness Group, has established a network of trained therapists to provide crisis intervention responses seven days per week.

All therapists are trained in trauma response, the intervention process, and the medical culture.

“Both as a law firm and generally as a community, we owe a great debt to our healthcare workers,” said co-founder Travis Patterson, also Managing Partner of Patterson Law Group.

“What they are doing right now in response to this pandemic is the most heroic thing I’ve ever seen. They are doing whatever it takes to save the lives of complete strangers, even though it means often putting themselves and their own loved ones at risk. The mental toll all of it must have on them is staggering, but they somehow continue to put one foot in front of the other. If they need someone to work through this fight with (which is completely to be expected), it’s our mission to support them. It’s the least we can do for these heroes,” said Patterson.

Mental Health for Heroes is primarily funded through a GoFundMe-funded campaign. It raised nearly half its $250,000 goal in its first day of operation.

A $1,000 donation will provide 20 crisis intervention sessions or 10 counseling sessions.

“Readiness Group is thrilled at the opportunity to partner with Patterson Law Group to rally the mental health community to support our local medical heroes,” said Owner at Readiness, LLC, Dr. Brenda Tillman.

“We know that the support is out there and ready to respond. Mental Health for Heroes will consolidate these resources and make them readily available and affordable for Texas Medical Workers” said Tillman.

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