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Fort Worth Vaccine Trial Focus on Kids as Young as Six

Benchmark Research is looking to enroll children for the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine trial

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A new COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial focused on children will soon be underway in North Texas.

Benchmark Research in Fort Worth is enrolling children as young as six in trials for the Novavax vaccine.

The trials are divided in age groups six to 11 or 12 to 17.

Participants would come to their Fort Worth clinic, receive the shot or a placebo and would be monitored for up to year, according to Cynthia Dukes, Chief Business Officer of Benchmark Research.

Dukes said she understood why some parents might be hesitant about enrolling their children.

“I think it’s a very difficult thing for a parent to do, but for this particular vaccine there is so much adult data out there that shows it’s safe,” Dukes said. “We really encourage them to call for more information. Information is powerful and it can help you make the decision.”

Part of Operation Warp Speed, Novavax has committed to making 100 million doses of the vaccine by end of June. The Maryland company is currently producing thousands of vaccines at a facility in College Station and it’s expected they will apply for emergency use authorization from the federal government later this spring.

According to Novavax, a Phase-3 clinical trial conducted in the UK found their two-dose vaccine was over 96% effective against earlier strains of COVID and 86% effective against the more contagious B117 variant.

To learn more about the Benchmark clinical trial call 1-888-902-9605 or visit Benchmark Research.

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