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NBC 5 Responds: How to Enjoy the Summer During a Pandemic

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Summer is here and even though the state has loosened many coronavirus restrictions -- the number of cases is still climbing. We'll remember the summer of 2020 forever.  When we wore masks despite the intense heat and avoided the activities we enjoy most.

Many families are left trying to figure out how to connect with others while staying healthy. NBC 5 Responds has a few practical ideas to keep your family safe and happy during the summer of the pandemic.

"About 3/4 of people said they are either somewhat or very concerned, so it's definitely still at the top of people's minds," said Catherine Roberts, Consumer Reports health reporter.

Roberts said many people are still being extra cautious, despite loosened restrictions across the country.

"A lot of folks told us they will not be doing their regular activities. They're not going back to the gym they're not going back to the movie theaters, a lot of them are not going to restaurants," said Roberts.

If the big family vacation is not an option this summer, what do you do?

"One thing kids strive on is routine so trying to sort of construct a routine as best you can, having a routine is something predictable so kids know what's coming up every day," said Roberts.

And since we are still spending more time at home, you have to make sure the spaces remain safe for children, including your own backyards.

"It's super, super important that if kids are swimming, that's a time when you want to make sure you have eyes on them at every moment, including your cell phone.. drowning is quick and it's silent," said Roberts.

And make sure to take the same outdoor precautions as usual, like sunscreen and insect repellant.

"Tick-borne and mosquito-borne diseases haven't gone away and now is a really good time not to get one of those.

And some families may choose to socially distance together.

"They are sort of expanding their quarantine bubble to one or two other families so that kids have someone to play with and families agree our only contact is with each other, as much as you can," said Roberts.

And finally, don't sweat screen time this summer when it comes to your kids.

"I think doing things like planning in your day. As a family you’re not going to be something where.. screens don't make sense.. you can kinda get a break from that."

Consumer Reports said there are some guiding principles to keep in mind -- especially if you interact with people outside your immediate family this summer. Playing indoors is riskier than playing out of doors. The shorter your contact with other people, the better. And bigger groups are riskier than smaller groups.

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