Budgeting Need a Facelift? There's an App for That

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The average American checks their cell phone 58 times a day, according to a new TechJury.net study.  

A local business owner suggests putting some of that time on the phone to good use.

Shelby Patrice is the CEO of Budget University and has created her own curriculum and free, mobile app to help people with their financial goals.

“I was actually a flight attendant and during COVID, I was laid off,” Patrice said. “It was then that I started a Facebook group that had about 15 of my coworkers in it. That 15 turned to 600 people seeking advice on financial empowerment. People realized they were just spending their money so frivolously.”

She said she realized that it wasn’t that people didn’t want to know about money, but rather, they were just never taught how to manage it.

“I created Budget University because whenever we go somewhere, whether we’re going to a store, we’re looking at our pay stubs to see where our money is going or a medical plan, money is involved. I wanted people to have a community where they could learn. Where they could get the financial literacy they needed learning about basic banking skills, 401K, investing, real estate and so much more.”

She said her program also helps people navigate debt. Specifically, credit and student loan debts.

“I have a customized calculator on the site where people can really plug and play and see how they can realize their financial goals. The app is helping people be more accountable with their money,” Patrice said.

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