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UNT Speaker Series Offers a Vision for the Future

A new virtual speaker series from the UNT College of Visual Arts and Design imagines a future where art students, teachers, art collectors, museum directors, artists and their art better reflect our world


The 2044 Series: Anti-Racist Praxis as Futurist Art and Design Pedagogy is a virtual panel series that will explore the frameworks of anti-racism and critical race theory in the fields of art and design.

The panel discussions are co-led by Kathy Brown, Ph.D., assistant professor, Art Education, and Lauren Cross, Ph.D., assistant professor, Interdisciplinary Art and Design Studies, and will highlight national, regional, and local scholars, cultural workers, artists, and designers whose work embodies transformative anti-racist pedagogy and practice.

The 2044 series will be hosted live on Zoom webinars for approximately 90 minutes and take place on the second Friday of the month. The panel series is free and open to the public. The first topic: "Anti-Racist Pedagogy in Art Education: K-12/Higher Education" starts at 1pm on Feb. 12. Click here for the Zoom webinar registration link.

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