Clip, Click, Save. Texas Is All Over It

Texas leads the nation in coupon-clicking, according to one Web site. reports that coupon use in the Lone Star state increased 192 percent in March.

Tom Beckham, a confessed coupon shopper, said he's one of the many shoppers who looks for coupons online.

"I would say about 95 percent are from the newspaper," he said. "I do occasionally go online and get some out of there."

Things such as cereal, baby items and baking goods lead the way.

Local websites such as Collin County Couponers are also seeing rapid growth as more and more shoppers utilize online social networks to find information and coupons for better deals.

The struggling economy may be to blame for the necessity to save.

"I kind of use the coupons to determine what I'm going to buy," Linda Caster said. "I'll look and see if they have coupons for it and then kind of plan my meals around the coupons."

Grocery store chains all report seeing an increase in the use of coupons at the checkout counter.

Caster said she believes she saves almost 20 percent on her groceries each week.

While she just wants to stay within a budget, Beckham said saving a little now means spending some on himself later. After all, $600, $700 or $800 a year in savings "could pay for a vacation."

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