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Office Workers: We Want Perks!

Want more summer perks in your workplace? You're not alone



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    This man is probably one of many wishing for perks to spice up his cubicle life.

    Summer can be a bummer in the office, but a new survey reveals how to boost workers' spirits. 

    The staffing firm OfficeTeam asked workers this question:  "Which of the following summer benefits would you most like to have?"  

    Here's what they said:

    • Flexible schedules - 38%
    • Leave early on Fridays - 32%
    • Activities (company picnics, etc.) - 6%
    • Relaxed dress code - 5%
    • Other - 4%
    • Don't know/no answer - 15% 

    Office Workers: We Want Perks!

    [DFW] Office Workers: We Want Perks!
    A new survey reveals a wish list of summer perks that many workers say they'd love to have in their office.
    (Published Friday, June 19, 2009)

    Employment experts say it makes sense for bosses to consider summer perks. 

    "For morale.  I think stress levels.  I think employee retention.  If companies are able to offer this, it goes to all three of those," said Niki Kooiman of OfficeTeam.

    Kooiman also says employees should not be afraid to ask their bosses for special summer benefits.  She suggests talking with fellow employees and making a formal proposal.  Just make sure you explain how if benefits you and the company.