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Incentives Bring Lights, Camera, Action to North Texas



    Incentives Bring Lights, Camera, Action to North Texas
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    The Lone Star State is welcoming Hollywood with open arms.

    From the lights and cameras to the jammed packed action, big Hollywood productions are breaking into North Texas.

    "I'm saying, 'Come on," State Rep. Carol Kent said. "They can do lots right here in Texas."

    Production companies are listening loud and clear. New NBC show "The Chase" started shooting in Dallas within the last couple of weeks. And other television shows and movie productions are doing the same.

    "Good, high-paying jobs, good economic impact -- it's kind of a no-brainer why we want more of it here," said Janis Burklund, the director of the Dallas Film Commission.

    A Texas Film Incentive Forum held by Kent on Wednesday night educated North Texans about the influx of new projects and how a 2009 state house bill is part of the draw.  The bill increased incentives for production companies to choose the Lone Star State.

    In turn, the activity helps the Texas economy.

    "In the last 10 years, this type of program has brought almost 50,000 permanent jobs to the state of Texas," Kent said.

    "We've had to work hard to get back to where we were before, and we're actually, I think, exceeding where we were before," said Burklund.

    At the same time, it's changing the Hollywood scene for good.

    "I don't know that there will ever be the same kind of makeup -- like it's just Hollywood or New York -- ever again," Burklund said.