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Former AMR Chief Talks Fees, Ticket Prices, Salaries



    Former AMR Chief Talks Fees, Ticket Prices, Salaries
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    A former CEO of American Airlines' parent company recently sat down with NBC DFW for a series of unedited conversations about some of the industry's biggest issues.

    As head of Fort Worth-based AMR Corp., Robert Crandall built American into what was the largest airline in the world at the time.

    He revolutionized the way airline tickets were priced and sold and created one of the first frequent flier programs.

    Crandall: Passengers deserve more upfront info on fees

    Now in retirement, Crandall is a strong critic of the way airlines handle fees.

    In this segment, Crandall shares his thoughts on what airlines need to do to make passengers happier in spite of all of the fees.

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    Crandall: Ticket prices should be higher

    The major U.S. airlines have tried to raise ticket prices eight times this year alone, and the summer travel "deals" don't look much like last year's deals.

    But while many travelers are having trouble stomaching the increases, some airline industry insiders say prices need to go up even more if airlines are going to survive and thrive financially.

    In this segment, Crandall talks about how high he believes prices need to be for airlines to succeed.

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    Do airline workers deserve more?

    Threats of strikes and constant battles between workers and management seem to be the norm in the airline business.

    Dozens of airline workers unions across the country are in federal mediation right now, feuding over contracts. Some of the fights have dragged on for years.

    In this segment, we asked Crandall if airline workers are being paid fairly or if they deserve more. His response will no doubt generate strong reaction from both labor and management.

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