You Shouldn’t Have. No Really.

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Holiday gift-giving games are similar to immature games we all enjoyed as kids like Spin The Bottle and Duck, Duck Goose. A group gets together, their eyes a glow in anticipation … there’s shoving, some gentle egging on and then … the big reveal. Except, most often these juvenile games don’t end with a sweet present, but instead a piece of junk that gets tossed with the wrapping paper and left over fruit cake. Here's a list for those of you who need a little help coming up with games to play at your holiday soiree.

What’s In Santa’s Stocking?
Put several things of different shapes and sizes inside a Christmas stocking. You can put anything ranging from star-shaped items to cones. Make sure the shapes you use are of varying sizes. Ask people to guess what objects are in the stocking. Obviously the person who can guess all of the items is the winner.

Pros: The name of this game alone gives ample opportunity to show your mastery of double entendres if there’s someone at the bash you want to impress.
Cons: If the host chooses a sock fit for an elf, the gifts probably won’t be a big hit.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
You know the kind of sweaters we’re talking about… A chartreuse angora piece where Santa’s Beard is a gauzy appliqué that hangs below the hem of the sweater … or, a classy little number that says Ho Ho Ho out loud. Have guests show up sporting their favorite homage to Bridget Jones’s Diary and let the laughs begin. Everyone owns one, so why not put your ugly Christmas sweater to good use and use it as an excuse to party?
Mix it up and push the tacky barrier by throwing your green reindeer sweater with built in lights over a white turtleneck. For less than $5 you can easily find a sweater at any thrift shop. Ask guests to punch it up a notch by wearing his and hers or matching best friend’s sweaters.

Pros: Guests will stay warm in the winter weather.
Cons: Ugly sweaters aren’t flattering, so expect to go home alone … unless of course if  the punch bowl is Goldschläger plated.

Blindfold Gift Wrapping
In this game, you need to blindfold all the guests and give them wrapping paper, tape and a present and ask them to wrap the present. See how many people are able to wrap the present while blindfolded. The one who is successful in wrapping the present completely becomes the winner of a prize. This is one game where a little precaution is necessary on your part. You need to make sure that the wrapping paper is cut according to the size of the gift, as using scissors blindfolded could prove harmful. Duh.

Pros: no need for a mani
Cons: losing an eye

Unwrap Your Gifts with Oven Mitts
The first guest to unwrap a present while wearing oven mitts wins. It’s that simple.

Pros: You will finally have a chance to use those oven mitts that are collecing dust in your kitchen corner.
Cons: You can’t drink and play this game at the same time. Boo hiss

White Elephant
This game opens the vortex of Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Eid al-Adha, Festivus … you get the point. That’s right. Expect to get, well -- nothing good or from this decade. The crappier, the better. You form a circle and pass the presents to your left until someone yells stop.

Pro: It’s a fun way to part ways with your Chia Mr. T for free.
Cons: Chances are you’ll end up with something much worse like a Pet Rock or Hanson cd.

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