Want This: A Bib

Plus hot fabric flowers and the how-to for glamorous rooms

JAZZY: Bibs are usually used to catch food that misses your mouth … or to dress up a simple outfit. Bib necklaces cover your chest like a bib would and spice up the most basic of ensembles. See the piece we like by R.J. Graziano, at Assembly  for $125.

FLORAL: Fabric flowers are hot. Jennifer Behr has some of the most gorgeous hair accessories for events such as weddings all the way down to just everyday wear. Check out all of her collections here.

HOW-TO: Don’t paint a bedroom red. That’s just one of the many tips interior decorator Jan Showers shares in her new how-to book Glamorous Rooms which comes out in September. Find out more about the book in the next issue of DHome.

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