Seller Tips that Attracts Buyers

Making a positive first impression starts at the curb of your property, so it’s time to turn your attention to your front yard and front entry and spruce it up!

The minute buyers pull up to your home they will begin judging it. Therefore, now’s not the time to stop your home improvement efforts. Instead, roll up your sleeves and get to work beautifying your outdoor spaces!

The following tips will guide you in the right direction regarding your outdoor makeover:

  • Start with the lawn. Keep it neatly mowed, trimmed and free of weeds. If you have the time, you may want to consider adding fertilizer or weed killers to your lawn to spruce it up before you list your home for sale. Otherwise, keeping it neatly trimmed will detract from any weeds. Also, pay attention to bare spots and seed where necessary.
  • Pull weeds and plant native, hardy, annuals and shrubs throughout your beds. Mulch the beds for a neat and tidy appearance.
  • Trim back any overhanging branches from trees. Stand at the street and take note of any branches which hang in front of your home, and cut them back so potential buyers can get a good look at your home as they drive past.
  • Paint your shutters and house trim, if necessary. Choose a warm, neutral color and coordinate it with your house color.
  • Replace or paint your mailbox and change your house numbers.
  • Arrange a few potted plants on your front porch for an instant pop of color.
  • Paint your front door and replace the hardware.
  • Seal any cracks in your driveway or walkway.
  • Neatly trim your shrubbery.
  • Consider adding flower boxes for added interest.
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