Is Now A Good Time to Buy?

The evening news is grim. The country’s housing market is plummeting, and many analysts believe we have yet to hit rock bottom.

These types of news stories foster a sense of trepidation and concern among most Irving home buyers, and rightly so. Although you may need to proceed with caution in this tumultuous market, it certainly doesn’t mean that you should avoid buying.

Although purchasing a home is an extremely personal decision, and although each individual faces different challenges and obstacles, the fact is, overall, today’s housing market may very well present the perfect opportunity for home buyers.

Let’s look at the facts: interest rates, now at historic lows, are extremely competitive and attractive; there is a great selection of homes on the market from which to choose; and there are plenty of deals to be had.

Many homeowners, facing the potential of having their homes on the market for an extended time, are lowering the prices of their homes and offering very attractive incentives to home buyers. And that’s where you, a qualified home buyer, step in.

Many home buyers in Irving are finding that a home that was, just a few years ago, out of their price range is now within reach, thanks to lower house prices and lower interest rates.

As a buyer in a “buyer’s market,” the ball is in your court, so to speak. Chances are you will have the luxury of finding that perfect Irving home and negotiating a sweet deal in the process.

Before purchasing an Irving home, make sure your credit is strong, your debt is paid down and that you have a large down payment (at least 20 percent) in your back pocket.

Your search for the perfect Irving home can be just around the corner, even in these uncertain times.

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