Victory Park Looks to Trade Down

New ownership is hoping to breathe new life into Victory Park by shifting away from luxury.

After the recent closing of Chili's, only three restaurants at the Dallas development remain open.

Marshall Crane, the general manager of the Boardroom, said the new owners are looking to refocus Victory Park away from a high-end market.

"Their direction is that they are going to get places that cater to more blue-collar prices," he said.

Crane, who met the owners this week, said they talked about even possibly putting in a bowling alley.

Most of the retail shops have already shut their doors.

Only a few restaurants remain, and most of their business centers around events at American Airlines Center.

"The summer was tough, but we are coming out a lot stronger and leaner," said Victor Rojas, the general manager of Victory Tavern.

He blamed Victory Park's problems on bad management and bad decisions r the developers push for high end retail.

"Foot traffic is the key," Rojas said. "We need recreational activities here. Recently a movie theater was tossed about."

Both The Boardwalk and Victory Tavern expect to survive. But they are hopeful changes are made to increase the foot traffic on nights when there's not an event at the American Airlines center.

The park's owners would not comment on what changes they have planned, but said they are looking forward to Victory Park's future.

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