TOMS Expands Into Eyewear


TOMS, the philanthropically stylish footwear company, first delivered "mystery boxes" to several Neiman Marcus stores around the country, and on Tuesday revealed that TOMS' new project is eyewear.

In case you aren't familiar with TOMS mission, the company's One for One campaign donates a pair of shoes for every pair purchased.

Founder and Arlington-native Blake Mycoskie said during his trips to fit poverty-striken communities with shoes, he noticed many of the people were in need of glasses.

Under the new project for every pair of TOMS glasses sold, a person in need will get prescription glasses along with help from eye doctors.

"One for one. So, you buy a pair of sunglasses, and someone gets their eyesight back," said Blake's brother Tyler Mycoskie who announced the project at the Neiman Marcus' Northpark location.

"It does not matter the cost, it does not matter the disability, we will fix it," said Tyler Mycoskie. "And right now, we are focusing on three different places that we are going in and helping. They are Cambodia, Tibet and Nepal."

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NBCDFW's Abby Gregory contributed to this report.

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