Texas Appliance Rebate Program Returns

Everyone likes saving money, and here is a chance to cash in on your next big or small appliance purchase with the Texas Appliance Mail-In Rebate Program.

The Texas Comptroller's office has added $8.5 million to the $10 million in unclaimed stimulus funds from April's rebate program.

Beginning Dec. 20, all Texans can apply for mail-in rebates of up to $1,000 on eligible Energy Star appliances.  If you recycle your old appliance, you can earn an additional $75 with proof of disposal or recycling.

To qualify, you must have a Texas address and there is a maximum of two rebates per household per year and you can't have two rebates for the same appliance type.  So, if you took a rebate in April for a new air conditioner, you only have one left and you can't buy a second unit.  You must also purchase the unit from a Texas retailer or Texas contractor and not online.  The latter is likely so you aren't able to get the unit from a merchant outside of Texas and to keep the sales tax dollars flowing.

Rebate forms are available online and in the link above. Simply having a form doesn't guarantee a rebate as they are doled out on a first-come, first-served basis. In April, the rebates were gone in less than eight hours, so you'll want to act quickly after Dec. 20.

After the program starts, a daily countdown calculator of rebate funds will be available online to help consumers gauge the amount of funds processed and amount available for rebates.  The program will remain open until all funds are distributed.

Rebates are available for energy efficient appliances in eight categories:

Eligible ENERGY STAR® Appliances:
Air-Source Heat Pumps $1,000
Central Air Conditioners $1,000
Clothes Washers* $100
Dishwashers $85
Freezers** $100
Refrigerators** $175
Room Air Conditioners $40
Water Heaters $300

* Modified Energy Factor 2.0 or greater and Water Factor 6.0 or less
** 14.5 cubic feet or greater

"As Texans buy appliances that can help cut their energy bills, they can also save on the price of the appliances with these rebates," said Combs. "Consumers can start buying the appliances on Dec. 20 and, after installation, mail in their completed rebate application form and a copy of the receipt to be eligible for the rebates."

A list of frequently asked questions and other helpful consumer information is available at www.TexasPowerfulSmart.org

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