Susan Boyle's Show Will Go On

Susan Boyle is getting better after suffering what her brothers call an anxiety attack caused by the pressures of her overnight fame.

And when she gets out of the mental hospital, Simon Cowell will be waiting to help her launch her singing career.

Cowell's spokesman spoke with Boyle's brothers who say she should be back on her feet soon now that she's getting treatment.

It's not clear yet if she'll be well enough to take part in the "Britain's Got Talent" concert tour that starts June 12.

What the El!?! Editorial:

I guess I get the fascination with this woman, but frankly I'm sick of hearing about her. Probably because it's a British show I can't watch on TV. I just don't know how people in the US could get wrapped up in it all when they couldn't watch the competition. I don't expect the Brits to get excited about American Idol either.

(Associated Press)

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