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Retired Fort Worth Army Veteran's Truck Stolen in Broad Daylight

The missing truck is a white 2007 Ford F-250 with the license plate MMW9DV

Update: Gary Edwards notified NBC 5 on Thursday, Oct. 4, that the Fort Worth Police Department said they recovered his stolen truck after a high-speed pursuit and that a man and woman were seen running from the vehicle.

A retired North Texas Army veteran is without a truck tonight after thieves struck in broad daylight.

After serving nearly 22 years in the military, it was supposed to be Gary Edwards' time to relax.

The Fort Worth resident travels across the country with his family in his spare time.

"We've taken quite a few trips in that truck," he said. "I just want [my family] to appreciate the country. It's not so much for me. I went overseas to gain appreciation. I'd like for them to appreciate it without having to go through what I went through."

But coming home to his southeast Fort Worth neighborhood after a work trip proved to be a homecoming the veteran did not expect.

"I got out of the van and I said to my wife, 'Someone stole my truck,'" Edwards said.

His white, 2007 4-door Ford F-250 was gone.

Edwards checked his security camera and there it was.

"I was really let down," he said. "I see this truck go down the street, then it comes back up."

A dark grey, single cab truck drove by the house at about 9:20 a.m. then reversed and parked behind Edwards' pickup.

The truck then pulls up next to the truck and the passenger gets out.

The person's face is not visible on camera, but they manage to open the driver's side door.

Edwards said he is sure he left his truck locked, but said the keys were inside a compartment.

It took the thieves just over a minute to strike.

"Somebody's just going to drive away in it, didn't pay a dime for it," he said.

The thieves even disregarded the specialty license plate and stickers on the back window.

"They don't care," Edwards said. "They knew it was a disabled veteran. I have United States Army across the back window. There's no doubt about it. And they took it. No sense of dignity or honor."

The truck is essentially a complete loss as Edwards only had liability coverage on it since it is mainly used for hauling or road trips.

The truck's license plate number is MMW9DV.

According to Edwards, police told him thieves are stealing trucks across DFW in order to move narcotics out of the state.

If you have any information on the theft, you are asked to call Fort Worth police.

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