Reserved Seating Coming to a Movie Theater Near You

Studio Movie Grill lets moviegoers pick their seats online

Studio Movie Grill

You don't need to fight for the best seats in the movie theater anymore.

Moviegoers can can now reserve their seats at Studio Movie Grill before leaving home. The theater chain is introducing reserved seating at its theaters in Dallas, Arlington, Plano, Lewisville and Addison.

For movie-lover Jennifer Faulkner, it means never enduring another two-hour movie in the front row again.

“It’s horrible when you go to a movie, and you’re sitting in the front row,” she said. “It ruins the whole experience.”

While theaters in New York City and Los Angeles offer reserved seating, Studio Movie Grill said it is the first in the Dallas area to allow moviegoers the chance to select their seats in advance.

“You just go right online, pick your exact seat and come in whenever you want and enjoy the movie without any stress,” said Brian Schultz, president of the theater chain.

But there is a bit of a catch. In order to reserve a seat, moviegoers must purchase a $12 gift certificate online.

“All you have to do is buy a gift certificate for that day for food and beverage -- which you’d be doing anyway -- and it allows you to get best seat in house,” Schultz said.

Studio Movie Grill has been experimenting with the concept at its five North Texas theaters for the past month. Schultz said it looks to be a blockbuster hit so far.

“It saves you the hassle of waiting in line, and it allows you to have an absolutely effortless evening,” he said.

It’s a convenience the theater chain is hoping its customers are willing to pay for.

“It's a good thing," moviegoer Diane Fisher said. "I would do it."

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