Putting the Fun Back in Toys

Green toy store made just for your family

With so many toys being made overseas it's hard to figure out what is and isn't safe for your children.

But as you work to green your routine, at least one toy store may be able to help.

At Learning Express in Southlake you'll find the traditional toys like remote-controlled cars and baby dolls.

But if you dig a little deeper, you'll find something a little different.

"People are wanting to make more of an impact and when you find a company like Blue Orange Games that plants a tree for every tree they take down, people are really aware of that, " said Shawnette Hanna with Learning Express.

There are tea sets, games, and educational toys all made with the environment in mind.

 "What I like about it is the little tea sets are made out of recycled milk jugs, and I see it as a great teaching opportunity for the children," Hanna said. "Because you can say, 'Hey look at this new toy. Do you know where this came from? This came from the milk jugs we throw in the trash every week,' and explain the whole process of recycling." 

You'll also find safe, non-toxic toys for baby and a little something for that budding scientist.

"We definitely recycle at home and if I knew I had the option, if I knew toys were environmentally friendly I would pick them, " said Julie Hatton, a Learning Express customer.

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