Outlook on Statewide Smoking Ban: Hazy

Advocates are optimistic, but multiple opponents could stop "hard vote"

Texas' State Legislature is talking about a state-wide smoking ban, but it's unclear if the proposal will succeed.

Denton's own Rep. Myra Crownover is making a name for herself by introducing the proposal that would pretty much take Denton's city smoking ban and make it statewide. (Read our initial coverage here.)

Since then, advocates for the ban -- Smoke-Free Texas -- have released polls apparently showing overwhelming support for Crownover's bill. Even Dallas Morning News reports that advocates are optimistic about the success of the bill.

But, as the DMN also points out, this ain't gonna be no easy fight. Multiple groups are concerned about the "civil liberties" issues raised by banning smoking, including Gov. Rick Perry.

If supporters of the bill show enough desire to representatives, the bill should pass, right? Maybe not. According to DMN research, tobacco lobbyists have donated more than $110,000 to Texas lawmaker's campaigns in the last two years.

So, we'll spell it out -- unless the smoking ban becomes enough of a hot-button issue to determine whether they'll be elected again, we'd bet lawmakers will just sit with the crew that "showed them the money."

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