Web Site Lets You Cut Coupons and Cut Your Grocery Bill

Amy Fletcher carries around a little brown and white wallet every time she goes to the grocery store.

"My friend made it and it's covered in bling!" said Amy, talking about the colorful rhinestones on the wallet.

What's inside is also helping her save some "bling." Amy's wallet holds all her coupons.

"Completely worth it. It's not  that much trouble, and I did it even before the economic times got tough." Fletcher said as she walked down the aisle of her neighborhood grocery store.

In tougher economic times, more and more people are turning to coupons to save money. A new Web site, My Grocery Deals.com,  lets users log on and find savings in their zip code. In the past few months, the Web site's Vice-President, Ed Hladkowicz, says traffic has jumped. 

"We are offering the thousands of grocery deals that get refreshed on a weekly basis since new flyers come out every week. We also offer our members the ability to access nutritional information on over 100,000 products," Hladkowicz said.

Users must sign up to access the information, but membership is free. When users type in their zip code, the site pulls up in-store coupons from various nearby stores, including pharmacies and grocery stores. Hladkowicz says the Web site can help people save up to 50% on their grocery bill, if shoppers combine sales prices with their coupons.

"I think especially now it's worth it,  you can save a few dollars here and there. It's definitely worth saving some money," said shopper Toni Stroud.

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