Loopy Over Lalaloopsy

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Lalaloopsy rag dolls might end up being one of the biggest hits of the holiday toy season.

They’ve been selling out online and in some parts of the country, but they are still available in North Texas.
Lalaloopsy dolls have different skin colors and hair, and personalities based on the fabrics used in their creation. Their tales are magical; each "came to life" when their very last stitch was sewn.
They have names like Bea Spells a Lot, Splatter Splash and Crumbs Sugar Cookie.
"They've got a little friend, they've got a story,” said Kathryn Cook, whose Dallas toy store, Learning Express, has the dolls in stock. "Kids can relate to that and they may pick the doll because of what their favorite color is."
"I had read that they were really popular in other parts of the country, so I thought I'd bring them in," she said. "I thought they were cute, looked collectible, loved the different color of hair."

More: Lalaloopsy.com

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