Leaf-Lets of Love for the Troops

Students at Forestridge Elementary school in Richardson are learning an important lesson.   

"We definitely want to teach them about the environment, to be more environmentally aware and also assist in the community," says Victoria Garcia with the Doubletree Campbell Center.

In the Leaflets of Love program, students were asked to observe nature and pass on what they had discovered to others.

In this case the leaf-lets are actually special messages created by the children which are being shipped over to troops who are serving in Iraq.

Garcia says, "we are decorating leaflets of love and we have asked the children to decorate them with glitter, put their name on the leaf-lets and say thank you for the soldiers in Iraq."

"A small note for soldiers in Iraq since they do not have the color of autumn in the desert we want to bring it to them," adds Garcia. 

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