Groupon Coupon?

I met a fabulous lady last week who told me I had to check out Groupon. Huh?

I've seen their advertisements on several blogs recently, but until yesterday, I had never really checked them out.

Groupon looks similar to to me...they sell coupons for discounted fares/restaurants, etc. The difference is that they sell only 1 coupon per day. 

Today's coupon for those in the Dallas area is $25 of food at Picasso's for only $10! My buddy Laura LOVES Picasso's and has been talking about this particular restaurant for ages. Now I get to try it for 60% off! Woohoo! I purchased my Picasso's coupon here and will be emailed when the coupon is ready. Be sure to check out the details, too - I noted that there is a limit for purchases since every user can only purchase 1! And you can only use 1 coupon per table & it must be used for Dine-In only. Click here for a Picasso's location near you.

Can't wait to try Picasso's...I'm hoping my meal is somewhere around $25 so that I can maximize my savings! And I'm anxious to find out how this whole Groupon thing works. I'll let you know when I know!

Have you tried Groupon? Would love to hear your feedback!

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