Fort Worth Ghost Group Searches for Spirits

While the streets may be filled with costumed ghosts and ghouls for Halloween, a Fort Worth group is looking for the real deal.

"It's ghost huntin', Texas-style," said Kevin Bryan, founder of the group Fort Worth Paranormal.

Bryan and his colleagues seek out the most haunted of places -- looking for signs that spirits are trying to communicate. But it's not just about listening to sounds in the night, they also have to know their history.

"What was there 100 years ago?" Bryan said. "50 years ago? Maybe 200 years ago? So, basically, doing the research going in and doing your basic common sense things."

Bryan starts by ruling out false readings.

"A lot of times, someone will think it's paranormal activity, and it could be the ice maker," Bryan said.

Then he moves into more sophisticated methods of finding paranormal activity. Technology helps pick up sounds the human ear can't hear and see things in pitch black.

One hunt turned up sounds that Bryan said couldn't have come from anything in this world.

"What you hear on that recording is a little girl, speaking," he explained. "You hear a few fragments of words or sentences, but it's pretty clear enough that you can tell it's a child and it's female."

"It's creepy. It's really creepy. There's no kids in this house, no one has inhabited this house in years," Bryan said.

Bryan said he's seen and heard some strange things and says one trip into one of these ghostly homes might just make doubters become believers.

"To skeptics, any and all skeptics, I tell 'em come on," he said.

Fort Worth Paranormal hosts a weekly round table. For more information, visit or the group's Facebook page.

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