Fine French Food at Heart of Toulouse Café

Mussels and souffles bring relaxed European delights to Dallas.

If you're looking for fine French cuisine in a relaxed setting, you'll want to check out Toulouse in Dallas.

The Europe inspired bistro offers dishes authentic to the owner's roots.

Owner Alberto Lombardi opened Toulouse in 2004 after having started his first restaurant in 1977. All his restaurants are influenced by his past.

“I used to work in Belgium, in Brussels, for three years when I was very young and I grew up with French food. And one of my favorite things to do when I was in Belgium was to eat mussels. Different type of mussels, different type of sauce,” said Lombardi.

That's why you can get five kinds at Toulouse -- including the "Green Room Mussels", which have jalapeno, ginger, shiitake mushrooms, champagne and garlic.

“It’s not the type of restaurant where you need to go and have appetizer, salad, main course, you know -- it's much more relaxed and also, because you can come in any type of hours, many people come in the afternoon. Many people also come late at night after the opera and symphony,” said Lombardi.

One detail very important to Lombardi is the relaxed atmosphere.

“We wanted to capture the authenticity of the bistro in Europe and the authenticity is basically the beautiful patio with the red curtains that give you that feeling of being in Paris and also the simplicity of the bistro chair, the simplicity of the marble table,” said Lombardi.

Whether it’s the lobster salad with tossed with champagne vinaigrette or the Salad Nicoise with Ahi Tuna or even one their popular soufflés, Lombardi is infusing his past and fine French flavor into your food.

“I love to do restaurants. Believe it or not, it is not even for the money. It’s just because I love what I do and when I see people who are happy, I’m very happy,” said Lombardi.

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