Is Fedora's Space Already Claimed?

For months now, Fedora owner Gina Campisi has sent mass texts on almost a daily basis inviting people to come enjoy crazy drink specials on the patio. The seemingly joyous, happy invites may have meant one thing -- Fedora needed to sell as much alcohol as possible before shutting down this week.

A sign on Fedora’s door states the landlord has exercised the right to change the locks, due to a delinquency in paying the rent, with a number to call if the tenants want to resolve the situation.

The former owners of another club recently shut down on lower Greenville (which will remain nameless...for now) told us they were already contacted by an insider to look at Fedora's space. One of Fedora's chefs has already posted up at Am/Pm in downtown Dallas. What’s next? Only time will tell … or we will.

(Check our video to the left for the optimistic view Fedora opened with...)

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