Family is the Flair at Joe T. Garcia's

Off-menu dish is a secret favorite

The business of serving food at Joe T. Garcia’s in Fort Worth is a family affair.

The restaurant opened in 1935 on Commerce Street in Cowtown and quickly became a staple of the community.

“You know, family only run for 76 years, it has been an experience of lifetime. I wouldn’t change it for the world,” said Joe Lancarte who co-owns the restaurant with others in the family.

Effortlessly outlasting other family restaurants, Joe T's really feels like home for Lancarte -- because it was.

“You know this was actually our home growing up. I was born and raised here at this site that we are sitting on itself -- in the far back area, of course,” said Lancarte. The far back area he’s referring to is a section of the property behind the main restaurant and the added back dining room.

“When you come and sit on our patio, that used to be our backyard,” said Lancarte.

Starting with only seating 16, there are now multiple dining rooms. The long-time tradition of Joe T's extends to customers who've been coming to eat at the restaurant for generations.

“I remember we had a gentleman come out on Christmas Eve night and he stood up and he said ‘I’ve been coming here on Christmas Eve for 45 years’ and then someone else came up and said ‘I’ve been doing it for 35.’ And then 52 years and 60 years. Their children have been doing it and their children’s children that’s really neat,” Lancarte said.

Dining outside is just as elegant as inside. The luscious landscaping makes dining al fresco elegant. That makes Joe T's a perfect patio spot.

“I’ve had a lot of people come out and say you know it reminds me of Cozumel. It reminds of Acapulco. I’ve had people say Hawaii,” said Lancarte.

Two of the most famous dishes are the Chile Rellenos and a dish created by Lancarte himself, beef fajitas with enchiladas laid on top.

“A few customers have seen me do that and they go ‘What is that?’ and they’ll try it and say ‘I want to order that now!’ So, it may not be on the menu, but if it’s something they want we’ll always try something for them,” said Lancarte.

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