Downtown Dallas “Statue Man” Sweats It Out


The heat isn't stopping downtown Dallas’s statue man from striking a pose.

For the past three years, Tyronn Browning has been entertaining people along the streets of downtown Dallas. He poses like a statue and even has a flock of pigeons to help with his performances.

Browning is a vendor for Street Zine, a paper focused on homeless and poverty issues. He said he would rather work donations instead of just standing on a corner hoping for them.

But he said that in this heat, he takes more frequent water breaks.

Commuters say they look forward to Browning's performances.

"He talks to me every single day, brightens my morning up, and I pass by him every single day so it's a good thing," Garrett Beavers said.

"That’s my main objective, is to have people just smile," Browning said.

The nonprofit organization that creates the Street Zine paper said it gets more positive feedback on Browning than any other vendor.

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