Does In-N-Out Beat Other Burgers?

Fort Worth's In-N-Out location opened Thursday to much fanfare but definitely not the level of crowds seen at previous local openings. And since the location is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our Fort Worth offices, we finally made the journey to grab a Double-Double.

Lines packed the inside of the burger outpost when we drove by, though there were only a few folks stranded outside in the heat. There were far more In-N-Out staffers and Fort Worth Police Officers trying to stay cool while directing traffic into the drive-through. We waited in line for just about 25 minutes with a long line of cars that zigged through back streets. FWPD was right to have a traffic plan, based on what we'd previously seen with In-N-Out openings, but it seemed like they over prepared for the lunch rush.

One In-N-Out employee we talked with thought the lunch rush, though somewhat busy, wouldn't be as bad as the after-work deluge of people. They might be right, as we saw a longer line in the drive-through as we left the building.

But is the burger worth waiting around for? Yes...and no.

We bought a simple Double-Double meal with the onions and standard fries. We know that might be sacrilege to die-hards that demand well done fries and animal style burgers, but we wanted to taste the standard. The burger itself is very good, and, in our opinion, beats out most local fast food burgers -- including stalwart Whataburger. Then again, it falls short of a Twisted Root experience or a burger from a Love Shack.

It's important to put this in perspective -- literally next door to the West 7th location is a Wendy's. We would pick In-N-Out over Wendy's. But would we pick the new import over the nearby location of Love Shack? Rarely.

Feel free to share your In-N-Out experiences and your favorite local burger spots in the comments below.

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