‘Wild, Wild Country' Sect Drew Followers From Everywhere- Including Dallas

Take a look back into the archives of The Dallas Morning News.The Rajneeshee sect featured in "Wild, Wild Country" may have laid down roots in rural Oregon, but their followers came from all over the world- from India to Los Angeles to the oil fields of West Texas.In the mid 1980s, thousands of people flocked to the pacific Northwest to follow Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and live in the community of Rajneeshpuram. Dallasites weren't immune from the allure of the sect- The News highlighted the stories of Danny Brannon, who left the oil fields of West Texas to join the Bhagwan, and Levy Moore, a construction worker who ditched Dallas's skyscrapers to hop a bus northwest to Rajneeshpuram.  Continue reading...

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