What You Need to Know About Blocking Robocalls in 2017

No, it's not your imagination. Robocalls to your home phone and cellphone are getting worse, not better."You're exactly right," says Aaron Foss when The Watchdog tells him of my suspicion. Foss is the inventor of nomorobo.com, the best call blocker out there. He's the king of blocked calls."When everybody thought it would get better, it's actually getting worse," he says.I know you're frustrated, too. Like me, you probably answer calls with suspicion, not a warm greeting as in the past. (As I write this paragraph, my phone rang and when I picked up a robot voice asked for Dave Lieber. "Is this she?" it asked. Click.)Paul Campbell of Allen agrees. "There has been no progress. I received seven robocalls on my home phone yesterday and today and four calls on my cell."I'm going to share the latest robocall information here with you, but warn you that I also have some unsettling news about how scammers will reach you in the future.Already, though, I marvel at the scammers' smarts. Robocall scammers aren't one step ahead of government regulators. They're six steps ahead.The one that amazes me is Headset Robot. Maybe you got a call like this, too.  Continue reading...

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